The Territorium journal is published annually by RISCOS, Portuguese Association of Risks, Prevention and Safety, and aims to disseminate relevant scientific research done in the field of the cyndinics science or dealing on the subject of risks, hazards and crises, whether dealing with its prevention, help in emergencies or rehabilitation of areas affected by its manifestation.

In the Territorium jounal are published unpublished texts, notes, news and reviews in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish, which implies that the article has not been submitted to another journal publication.

The opinions expressed in articles are exclusive responsibility of the authors.

All items accepted by the Editorial Board will be submitted to a system of anonymous referees, entrusted to two external reviewers.
If necessary, a third reviewer will be auscultated. In light of advice received the Editorial Board may determine that the authors adopt the suggestions contained in them and, ultimately, may decline to accept the text.

The Editorial Board will report its decision to the Risk Direction, fitting them to report to the author(s) the outcome of the assessment.

Ethics Code / Código de Ética

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